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Finally a green light for part of Lisa 2 Alert.

Minister of Highways Camiel Eurlings today launched the P.O. Box 51 awareness campaign entitled ‘Stay out of the blind spot’. The blinking of the side lights - as used in the LISAlert 2 system - is also being permitted.
The campaign again highlights the accidents resulting from cyclists and scooters being out of the drivers’ sight for even a couple of seconds. The campaign concentrates of a host of technical innovations, including what many people consider to be the best system, Lisa 2 Alert. Starting on 1 January 2010, Minister Eurlings wants to permit truckers to have their side running lights flash, when making right turns, which is also part of how the LISA system works, and has commissioned a study into the role that sensors could play in detecting vulnerable traffic users. The study will start in the fall and will run until next year.
In 2008, nine people were killed and 67 seriously injured as a result of blind-spot accidents. The number of blind-spot accidents has been declining steadily over the past few years. In 2007, 12 people died, but only nine died in 2008. It is a reasonable assumption that the decrease is also partly due to the various safety campaigns that various traffic associations have organised. The Shippers, Receivers & Self-Carriage Association (EVO), Transport & Logistics Netherlands (TLN) and the Royal Netherlands Transportation Association (KNV) are going to continue with encouraging companies to increase safety awareness among their drivers and are also participating in a large-scale test with accident-prevention systems for transport lorries.

Finally a green light for part of Lisa 2 Alert.

THE HAGUE/HAARLEM – Minister of Highways Camiel Eurlings gave the green light to part of the Lisa 2 Alert alarm system on Monday 17 August. As far as the Minister is concerned, the flashing-light component of that system may be used officially starting on 1 January 2010 to prevent blind-spot accidents involving transport lorries. “I believe this to be a positive signal," says system inventor and former lorry driver Rob van de Moosdijk from Haarlem.

The system warns pedestrians and cyclists if a lorry driver wants to turn right. Lisa 2 Alert has been available illegally for some time already and is currently being used by approximately 1,000 lorry drivers. Van de Moosdijk has been working for eight years to have his invention approved by former highways minister Karla Peijs and the sitting minister Camiel Eurlings. Developing the system has cost him the tidy sum of €250,000.

Studies have shown that the Lisa 2 Alert system results in substantially more contact between the lorry drivers and the other users of the roads. Because drivers spend demonstrably more time looking in their mirrors when making right turns, they have also reduced material damage to the right sides of trucks by more than 40% and companies that have installed the system have not had any more blind-spot accidents.

“I knew that Minister Eurlings was already turning a blind eye to the use of Lisa 2 Alert’s flashing lights since April of this year but that he wanted to have more research into the sound signal,” Van de Moosdijk says. He is not worried that a competing system will come onto the market soon. “Lisa 2 Alert is patented," he says. Van de Moosdijk has already received inquiries from companies interested in the system.


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