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Science also shows positive effects of LISA2ALERT ® blind spot system!

After earlier positive results from research conducted by a.o. the Ministry of Transport and Waterways, scientific research, done by Prof. Dr. Henri Christiaans and Dr René van Egmond, from the Technical University in Delft, showed that the LISA2ALERT ® system can be a positive influence to reducing the victims of blind spot related accidents.

Most important conclusions:

  • Demonstrable more contact between driver and fellow road users
  • At all the companies, who installed the system, no more accidents relating to the blind spot have occurred!
  • Because drivers check their mirrors noticeable more when turning right, damages to the right side of the truck have decreased by more than 40%!

Lisa-2-Alert ® in the press: (mostly in Dutch)

"Audibly looking for eye contact" - Download the PDF (20 kB)

Reformatorisch dagblad:
"Less casualties because of introduction of blind spot audible signal"
"Twist to deal with blind spot"

TTM Magazine
"Transport department: practical test with blind spot detections system under discussion"

Presentation by the Technical University Delft: :
Download the PDF (860 kB)
(in English)

Lifesaver the most effective system against blind-spot accidents

Recent research that was carried out by students of the Technical University of Delft has established that, through the use of the LISA Life Saver systems, bikers:
  • look 2 times more often at a vehicle that is equipped with such a system
  • look 2 times faster; this can exactly make the difference between a collision or not
  • There is 5 times more mutual communication between the driver and the biker.
This takes place by raising a thumb or hand as a sign that both have recognised each other. One-sided solutions such as extra mirrors and cameras that are only aimed at the driver and his cab do not appear to be sufficient.

Since the introduction of mirrors and cameras as of 1 January 2003 the number of victims in the Netherlands has almost doubled from 14 to 26. Therefore it is more than necessary to apply other techniques.

The Life Saver system appears to be the most effective system against blind spot accidents. The system saves lives and can save millions, whereas the investment is relatively small.

  2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006

Total number of traffic deaths

21 14 16 24 16 26
Of which were bikers 19 6 7 16 15 19

Source: AVV

The Life Saver

The Life Saver is a practice-designed additional warning system emitting sound and light signals to alert pedestrians, cyclists and moped-users. The system helps lorry drivers to warn any road-users before the lorries start turning.

The Life Saver is the only system focusing primarily on other road-users. And what is more, it makes drivers more alert.
The system can actually save lives. Read in this website how the system works and how effective it can be in practice.


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